Photographs and Artwork From the Russian Gulag of the 1940s


gulagbound.jpg (34893 bytes)                    prisoncamp1.jpg (29794 bytes)
                                                        On the Way to the Gulag
          boardingtrains.jpg (45657 bytes)     Leaving Estonia.jpg (27636 bytes)
                                                  On the Way to the Gulag
gulag-camp.jpg (29606 bytes)
Labor Camp

Kotlas1930s.jpg (72288 bytes)
City of Kotlas


          koly04.gif (62883 bytes)  koly09.gif (81230 bytes)
                                                      Camps With Watch Towers
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Cutting Logs Out of the Ice


   koly10.gif (117721 bytes)
Prisoners Graves Marked With Boards

entering-camp.jpg (59737 bytes)   kotlas 6.jpg (33922 bytes)   sawing-logs.jpg (55503 bytes) 
Entering the Gulag                               Guards & Prisoners

camp hospital.jpg (56157 bytes)
Camp Hospital