Rein Nomm


These words are meant just for you, whoever you are.

Money may talk, but when it speaks to me it's always in a foreign tongue.

The most know the least, and couldn't care less.

The meaning of life is created and not discovered. Those incapable of creating a meaning for their lives look to others to supply it.

Since no man is richer than one who has fulfilled his every desire, true wealth lies in governing our wants and desires.

Truth is an empty room furnished in the fashion of each succeeding generation.

Life is an eternal now shrouded in dreams of tomorrow and memories of yesterday.

A warm heart, an open mind and a ready smile, what more could you want in a friend?

Nature is not cruel, it's just indifferent.

Poetry is the fruit of language, both delicious and nourishing.

Life is a fabric of moments strung together by the delicate thread of time.

To own is to be owned, for we become possessed by our possessions.

Counsel freely given is seldom heeded and soon forgotten.

Some dress well to conceal a shabby soul.

When it comes to people, more is less.

Change is constant, but I never know what to do with it.

A coarse mind seldom yields polished thoughts.

Words cannot conceal the tale of a tear.

Poetry is seeing the ocean in a cup of coffee.

When right becomes wrong, what's left?

Life is a recurring cycle of unique events.

The facts of life usually include a large measure of fiction.

Distortion is the norm in a near-sighted society.

People preoccupied with saving time rarely appreciate it's true value.

We exchange our time for objects in hopes of gaining something that will endure.

If the heart is only a muscle, is love just an exercise?

Feed your vices well. For good wine and cigars do no more harm than their inferior kin.

Every vice eventually has its price, and it's usually more than we are willing to pay.

Celebrate life - drink, dance, think deeply, smile and then embrace eternity.

Philosophy is a word game with constantly changing rules.

Many good wines go un-tasted for lack of a proper opener.

Money may talk, but does it have anything interesting to say?

Minds that accommodate contradiction are seldom troubled by truth.

A nation that excels in producing waste, will itself waste away.

Advertising is just money talking - very loudly.

We float on the river of time, caught in its increasingly rapid current, desperately grasping for a limb before we are carried into a sea of oblivion.

I am free to choose according to my wants and desires. But since I did not, nor can I, choose my wants and desires, how can I claim to make choices according to my free will?  Would a life of undeterministic freedom then be one in which all our choices are guided by chance, such as the flip of a coin or the roll of a die, independent of our wants and desires? But then we are no longer able to act according to our wants and desires and have abdicated our ability to make choices - our free will.

Our actions as individuals are unpredictable, since they are effected by so many variables. But when we are members of a group, the actions of that group become more predictable and almost seem to be guided by some natural law.

There are no professionals in the game of life, only rank amateurs.

Judge no one to be truly rich until you know the worth of their character.

A flower is the epitaph of a seedling, and vice versa.

Errant thoughts always find a receptive mind.

A man's epitaph reveals more by what is left unsaid.

Today there is no safer place to hide an object of value than between the covers of a book.

Photographers are the taxidermists of time.

We are all penciled into the book of life and death is the eraser. Some lives, however, prove more indelible than other.

It is the unlucky who depend most upon luck.

Every face tells its story to those willing to read between its lines.

Man is a prisoner of the child.

Sometimes there is no substitute for your own company.

Like dogs on a walk, we are each on our own leash, some shorter and others longer. Some of us reach the end of the their leash early and pull against it the remainder of their lives. Others remain totally oblivious of even having a leash. Which is better?

Today's sentinels of culture, unable to distinguish friend from foe, sound no alarm as the barbarians storm the gates.

Our life begins its journey as a wide, meandering river only to end as a narrow, dry riverbed.

We are each prisoners of time serving sentences of unknown duration.

The mills of money grind slowly, but they grind so small.

If you live in the world of imagination, you better have an independent source of income.

Life begins with a cry of pleasure and ends with a sigh of surrender.

Take a moment to be quiet and listen to life.

There's a natural symmetry to life. From nothing we came and to nothing we return.

Promise man eternity and he'll believe almost anything to obtain it.

If you should ever despair, just reflect on all the things that you can do that God cannot. You can feel hope, desire, relief, anticipation, longing, regret, guilt, sorrow, remorse, and fear; but God, by definition, can’t. You can learn, grow, improve, make mistakes, forget, cheat, lie, grow old and die; but God can’t.

To fear death is to fear nothing and nothing is not something to be feared.

We are born believers and only reason can free us from these innate supernatural beliefs.

The weakest religions depend most upon the threat of death.

The present is just the culmination of past futures.

A belief worth dying for could still be wrong.

Many of today's facts will become tomorrow's fictions.

The road to truth is paved with failed facts.

Discarded beliefs have much to teach us, if only we could recall them.


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